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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Delegate Code of Conduct

1. All WMIDMUN Delegates will comport themselves in a diplomatic way throughout the duration of the conference. This includes time during committee, mealtimes, on buses, and at the social events.

2. Delegates will refrain from behavior that pose a threat to the health or safety of any other delegate or themselves.

3. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. The College of William & Mary has a smoking ban inside all buildings, including e-cigarettes.

4. The dress code for delegates is Western Business Attire. Delegates are requested to wear coats and ties, or professional suits, dresses, and skirts.

5. The Secretariat reserves the right to immediately expel delegates for unacceptable behavior including, but not limited to: vulgar language, suggestive remarks, obscene gestures or body language, violent physical outbursts, or derogatory comments both in and out of committee.

6. Delegates must be mindful of the noise curfew at the Woodlands and remember to be courteous of other guests staying at the hotel who are not affiliated with the conference. After 10:00 p.m., there should be no delegates congregating in the halls. The Woodlands has the right to ask delegates to leave the hotel for unacceptable/prohibited behavior. All damages to the hotel are the responsibility of the student and his/her sponsor.

7. Visiting students are bound by the College of William & Mary Honor Code, which reads: "As a member of the William & Mary community, I pledge, on my Honor, not to lie, cheat, or steal in either my academic or personal life. I understand that such acts violate the Honor Code and undermine the community of trust of which we are all stewards."

8. The WMIDMUN staff is not responsible for lost or stolen property during the conference. There will be a lost and found located at the conference Registration Desk.

Sponsor Expectations

1. Sponsors should be mindful of themselves and their delegates throughout the weekend. A member of the WMIDMUN Secretariat should be contacted if there are any issues with staff or other schools.

2. Sponsors are encouraged to sit in on committee sessions to observe their delegates. Questions regarding appropriate times to observe should be referred to the respective director. Directors reserve the right to ask sponsors to leave the room for periods of time including, but not limited to: voting, unmoderated caucuses, etc. Any disruptions to the flow of committee may result in the director asking a sponsor to leave.

3. A sponsor representative must be present at sponsor meetings, dismissals, and delegate socials. A schedule of events for sponsors will be available 1 week in advance of the conference and readily available throughout the weekend.

4. Sponsors must provide a point of contact available throughout the weekend for emergencies regarding their delegation.

5. Sponsors are expected to follow appropriate protocols for dismissal and buses as set forth by the WMIDMUN Secretariat.

Snow Policy

In the event that inclement weather prevents your school from attending WMIDMUN, you will be refunded half of your delegate fees and all meal ticket fees. Unpaid fees exceeding the refunded portion will still be charged.

Delegates may attend independent of their school should their school cancel, provided they sign liability forms provided by WMIDMUN. These delegates are responsible for their own delegate fees, including meal tickets and/or any associated late fees.


The school fee for WMIDMUN XVI is $65 per school. The delegate fee is $60 per delegate. The sponsor fee is $10 per sponsor; parents chaperoning who wish to participate in sponsor activities are required to pay the sponsor fee.

Fees Fine Print

The entire school fee and one half of the delegate fees are due by Monday, December 10, 2018 ("Initial Deposit"). The remainder of fees, outlined herein, must be paid in full by registration on the first day of the conference, February 22, 2019. The WMIDMUN Secretariat must be notified by January 31, 2019 of individual dropped delegates in order to receive a refund of those delegates’ fees. Half of the delegate fees will be refunded for individual delegates dropped after the January 31, 2019 deadline. If schools drop delegates after January 31, 2018 and have outstanding fees at that time, the late fees for dropped delegates will still apply. If schools drop delegates after January 31, 2019 and have not yet paid their full Initial Deposit, the Initial Deposit will still include the full school fee and half of the initial number of delegates’ fees along with late fees. Under no circumstance will school fees be refunded once paid.


Please make all checks payable to The William & Mary International Relations Club. Please do not write checks to William & Mary, William & Mary MUN, or WMIDMUN. The Initial Deposit (half of the delegate fees + the school fee) is due by Monday, December 11, 2017. If registration closes early due to capacity, the fee deadline does not change. All payments must be made in full by the start of conference weekend on Friday, February 23, 2018.

Late Fees

Late fees apply to all schools that have filled out the online registration form by the close of registration and have not submitted the Initial Deposit on time (postmarked or received by Monday, December 10, 2018). A $5 late fee will be imposed for each unpaid delegate in addition to the original $60 per delegate.

Late Drops

If an entire delegation drops after the close of registration but before Friday, January 5, 2019, they will be refunded two-thirds of total delegate fees. If an entire delegation drops before Wendesday, January 31, 2019, half of their total delegate fees will be refunded. Individual delegate drops before the January 31, 2018 deadline will be fully refunded. Any individual drops after January 31, 2019 will not change the school's Initial Deposit and late fees but will be reflected in the balance of the school's delegate fees.

If a school has not paid any fees and chooses to drop after Friday, January 5, 2019, they are still required to pay the Initial Deposit. The $65 school fee is always non-refundable.