Name Topics Background Guide
25th Hunger Games Planning Committee
Director: Steven Vacnin; Crisis Director: Quinn Campagna
Planning the Quarter Quell
Blockbuster Board of Executives
Director: Shreyas Bhalle; Crisis Director: Oscar Berlanga
Internet Streaming
Transitioning Between Forms of Media
Carthaginian Cabinet
Director: Joseph Barnes; Crisis Director: Graham Pfeiffer
The Carthaginian Expansion and Hannibal's Campaign
Rebuilding Carthage
The Third Punic War and the Siege of Carthage
Merkel Campaign (2013)
Director: Danielle Batterman; Crisis Director : Emeline Walker
Formulating a Political Platform
Coalitions and Political Partnerships
Mushroom Kingdom Security Council
Director: Benjamin Donnelly-Fine; Crisis Director: Seth Fiderer
Counterfeiting Operation in Sarasaland
Relations with Outer Space
The Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General
Director: Zach Smith; Crisis Director: Meredith Radel
Ad Hoc Topic
Guide not available yet