Name Topics Background Guide
North Atlantic Treaty Organization [Double Delegate]
Director: Lauren Boyes
Deterrence of Russian Expansion
Renegotiation of NATO Funding
Organization of American States [Double Delegate]
Director: Katie Rys
Crimes against Humanity in Venezuela
Organizational Relations with Cuba
UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [Double Delegate]
Director: Seth Gnesin
Management of Natural Resources
Sustainable Urban Development
UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia [Double Delegate]
Director: Bilal Niazi
Addressing economic underdevelopment and stagnation
Improving the social inclusion of people with disabilities
UN Women [Double Delegate]
Director: Zenobia Goodman
Women and Education
Migrant Women and Health Care
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa [Double Delegate]
Director: Emilio Cuebas
How African education systems affect economic growth
Specific economic policies to stimulate the African economy